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By the time you want to move, you have to plan it carefully; especially if a piano is included among your belongings. It is recommended to leave it at the end because of its weight and size. It is one of the most difficult kinds of furniture to move; that is why it is important to hire professional movers.

Piano Moving
If you are going to hire furniture movers, make sure that they've got experience in moving pianos; otherwise, just hire piano movers. Piano movers aren't conventional movers because they need experience about how to move these kinds of heavy and delicate items. Ask piano movers if they offer insurance, they usually offer insurance that covers the entire piano.

Some piano movers offer additional services such as piano tuning, piano storing, piano repair and piano maintenance. There are piano movers that also work internationally; they are willing to move your piano from a country to another. Take a look to the list below to find out if they are the right companies for you. Once you've found a company that you like, ask them if they have enough experience as piano movers.

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