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Visas and Documents

You will need to do research on your destination country to find out if specific travel or work visas are required to live and work in that country.
  • The local consulate of the country you are moving to is he first point of contact to seek out when you know you will be moving to a new country.
  • Call or plan a trip to the countryís embassy to find out what is needed.
  • In order to obtain a visa you may be required to provide a letter of recommendation. Your employer or bank managers are generally the people the consulate will need the letter from.
  • Most countries do have very different requirements if you are planning to travel to that country to vacation as opposed to live and work there. Here at home in the United States it is required that each immigrant living in the country have the proper visa, generally referred to as a green card. There are also student visas or J1ís for college students visiting and working for short period of time and business visas for people who specialize in a particular field and where it is difficult to find someone in the US with the same skill set.
    Other documents that may be needed are:
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Medical certificates
  • Birth Certificate

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