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My new home - Rent or Buy?

When you decide you are going to relocate one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is whether you will purchase a new home abroad or whether you will rent. Once you make a decision on whether you will rent or buy think about the following:

  • The earlier you start house hunting the better and the more likely you are to find somewhere you like and within your budget.
  • There are many Realtors that specialize in the purchase of homes abroad. You can also search the internet for local brokers.
  • Local newspapers often contain useful Real Estate sections and you may also be able to find these online.
  • Family and friend may also be able to help as they may have visited the country you are moving to or may have contacts already living there so ask around, donít be shy.
  • our employer will most likely have useful information on Real Estate and may even be able to set you up with a local realtor.
If you are moving for a short period of time it may not be sensible to purchase so renting would be a better option. Many people who move overseas decide to rent first and then purchase later when they become familiar with their new home abroad.

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My new home - Rent or Buy?
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